Experienced Art Services

Build Something Brilliant.

Clever faux finish walls can transform any space. Faux finishing is the artistic touch you may need to bring together that special area in your home or business, and express your creative side while drawing people in with your unique setting.

A Faux Finish Can Give You the Exact Texture You’re Looking For.

Whether you are trying to weather, age, or make a surface look like a different material entirely. In doing so, it is very important for us to provide samples and take great care in making sure the artwork is believable. When weight is a factor, structures are typically built out of lightweight materials as a facing. A lot of times, a special paint application is required.


Textures play a big part in the overall aesthetic of any space, and can set the ambiance and feel of the visual experience. It is important for us to have not only the visual artistic sense but the know-how of turning an otherwise bland area into a cleverly textured focal point.

Looking to turn your bare wall into a textured masterpiece?  Any surface can be transformed including plaster, drywall, stone, concrete, and metal surfaces.

Need a new aged faux finish wood grain look?  A new metal surface to look rusted, polished, or have that special patina?  We can make it happen.

We can even make a composite door or structure look like wood, metal, or anything your plans call for with our special faux finish techniques and experience.