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Joseph Walton Photography is the #1 gallery in New Orleans with breath-taking photographs. We offer Joseph Walton's signature snaps in metal, glass, and canvas prints at competitive prices.

Tips for choosing art for your home

Remember that Art is a place for expression, so be sure to choose something that connects with your memories or your personality. The color, content, and texture should make a statement on your behalf. For this purpose, make sure to get your canvas/glass/metal print from an artist that you've been following for some time now.

Knowing about the people who produced your art can help you understand the context of the art, the story behind it, and at times you can also negotiate the price of a piece with the artist. Joseph Walton is a visionary photographer with his gallery in New Orleans. His collection of photographs is available for sale on canvas, metal, and glass prints.

Things to consider before buying a canvas print

 Canvas prints can lighten up your room with a different aesthetic appeal, and add a touch of luxury to your home. For starters, consider the context of the canvas print. Choose the photograph for a canvas print based on the room or space where you wish to place or hang the print. Choose canvas prints in such a way that they complement the color of your room or wall. 

Buy canvas prints that are impactful to you or your family members or reflects your personality. It can be anything from a travel memory to a family picture or a beautiful landscape, as long as it connects with you at a heart level. Try to choose professionally photographed pictures for your canvas prints to ensure the best quality decor for your walls.

Top reasons to consider glass prints 

Creating photography prints to hang on the walls of your home, workplace, or commercial spaces is a great way to bring some color and vibrancy into your home. Here are some of the top reasons to choose glass photo prints:

  • Vibrancy - When compared to traditional canvas, glass allows the full transfer of color and gives your photograph a glossy finish. Glass prints can brighten up your room in a noticeable manner.
  • Cleaning - You can wipe the dust and stains with a wet cloth and extremely easy to maintain. You can also use a glass surface cleaner to give your photograph a glossier finish. With canvas, cleaning is almost impossible as they are prone to absorbing stains, and you cannot clean them with wet cloth or water.
  • Light and appearance - Glass photo prints are perfect for rooms in your home that lack natural light. Glass prints have translucent properties that can lighten up any space with vibrancy and light.

Visit to buy a print from our gallery in New Orleans. Joseph Walton Photography showcases some of the finest work of a visionary photographer, Joseph Walton. Adorn your home spaces with his signature pieces to give your interiors a new dimension.

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