Boston Interior Design Firms

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Contacting Boston Interior Design Firms:

#1: Failing to take into account that every dollar invested in interior design adds an increase to their home’s value. For many homeowners, the costs of professional interior design are an obstacle to achieving beautiful results in their home. It’s easy to get blinded by the costs without taking into account that a home that has been expertly designed has a greater value on the real estate market. One of the easiest ways to increase value in a home is to maximize on the look and feel of its interior. Janine Dowling’s team of experts are specialists at delivering results their clients are well-pleased with. We invite you to call their agency at 617-445-3135 to discuss your plans and ideas.

#2: Thinking that all Boston interior design firms are basically the same. One of the biggest misconceptions about designers is that by calling one, you have basically gotten touch with the industry’s representative. The truth is, with creative talent, the results you achieve will vary widely from one agency to the next- and not all of them were cut out for interior design! If you’ve ever been into a home and thought their designer was asleep at the wheel, you’ve probably seen the results of a so-called expert designer who lacked the talent to deliver great results. Feel free to browse through Janine Dowling’s portfolio to see the kind of results you can expect from the hand of their team of pros.

#3: Wanting to tell professionals how to do their job. Whether you’ve tried your hand at interior decorating or have witnessed the disastrous results of a friend or family member who decided to go it alone, the fact remains, unless you have been trained as an interior designer, you’ll never get the results you are looking for unless you contact one of the Boston interior design firms that offers expert results. Too many homeowners hire an interior designer, only to waste their time and energy micro-managing every detail of the project. You’ll sleep better at night and appreciate the final results to a greater degree if you let them do what they’re being paid to do. Call Janine Dowling Interior Design at 617-445-3135 and hire the most reputable agency in Boston.

#4: Forgetting to ask about costs. When calling Boston interior design firms, be sure to ask about final costs, hidden fees, added amenities and more before you give any agency the OK to start work. Visit, where you’ll find a wealth of free value, including their free blog library filled with design ideas, articles, tips, tricks and much more. Fill out the online contact form to request an estimate for your project, or send an email to to discuss your project in depth. You’ll find other Boston interior design firms just don’t offer the same value that you’ll find when you hire Janine Dowling.